Paul or Obama, Choose Wisely

by pjamesbeardsley

I’m not saying Dr. Paul will necessarily win the Republican nomination.  That’s a long, long way from certain, and even a small cry from probable.  But I will say this to the Republicans: these are your real choices.  One of these two men will be the President of the United States for the next four years.  Start showing some support.

The lack of support, at least in the past, I could live with: the Paul campaign’s individual supporters have the moral and intellectual fortitude to pick up the slack there. The blatant sidestepping of journalistic integrity (*gives death glare to Fox News*) in order to harm Ron Paul’s campaign, that I find troubling.  Maybe many in the media are that tied to a bad dollar.  Maybe they prefer the military-industrial complex ruling the country instead of the Constitution.  Those are just speculations, by no means exhaustive, but it’s still troubling.

I’ve talked with many Republicans who say they would be Ron Paul supporters except they either (1) don’t think he’s electable in a general election or (2) don’t think he can win the Republican nomination, and would rather cast their support for somebody who can.  Regardless of what other flaws in those lines of reasoning exist (and there are many), my biggest is this: they’re just not true.

Paul is not only capable of winning the general election against Obama, according to Rasmussen polling, he’s the candidate best able to beat Obama in a head to head if the election were held today.  Not only that, he’s actually beating Obama, and he’s the only one doing so.  So anybody who clings to #1 is just wrong, especially the “just beat Obama” crowd (also known as “all non-Mormon Romney supporters,” or “people who trust Ann Coulter way too much”).  Show some support for Ron Paul.

#2 is a bit more complicated, but nonetheless true: nobody is on pace to get the nomination right now if current trends hold.  As of this moment, the Republican Party will go into their convention in Tampa with no candidate having a clear majority of delegates.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, and I’ll tell you why: the Republican Party should want to win.  If nobody has a clear majority, they’ll be heavily influenced by (1) the candidate who has the best chance to win and (2) the candidate who will actually grow the party for the future.  Both are Ron Paul.  He can win this.

Say yes to Dr. No.  Say yes to peace, prosperity, and the Constitution.  Your other option is to say yes to more Obama and to ObamaCare forever.