Make Tuesday Super — Open Thread

by pjamesbeardsley

Today is Super Tuesday, which unless we get a Republican convention where no candidate has 1,144 delegates, is probably the single most important day in the primary season.  Consider this your open thread, friends of freedom, to discuss today’s goings on in the comments.  I’ll leave you with a handful of things from my facebook page to get the ball rolling:

“I look at this campaign right now and I see a lot of folks all talking about lots of things, but what we need to talk about to defeat Barack Obama is getting good jobs and scaling back the size of government…” — Mitt Romney saying something I actually agree with, continued:

“…and that’s what I do” — Mitt Romney, the architect of RomneyCare that is currently bankrupting the Commonwealth of Massachusettes, finishing the previous quote with a laughable lie.

The man in the best position to defeat Obama is Ron Paul. The jobs and small government candidate is Ron Paul. If you really believe the first part of your quote, Mitt, you’ll drop out and cast your support for Ron Paul. If you don’t, I have to assume that you don’t believe what you say either.


I’d like to believe in American Exceptionalism. Not that America is exceptional, how could it be? It’s a country. It gets no special exceptions from the laws of physics or economics. Reality is not optional

But I’d like to believe that the American people are exceptional. I’d like to believe that the American people are still a people, no matter how diverse in how many ways, bound together in spirit not by bloodlines, territory, religious conviction, or any other attribute of a person, but to a document: the U.S. Constitution. I’d like to think that America is still a country where peace, prosperity, and the Constitution is a winning message.

Prove me right. Get out and vote for Ron Paul..


‎”Just get the people in Washington D.C. to follow the Constitution. It would solve all our problems”

“There’s a worldwide debt crisis now, and we can’t get out of it by doing the same things that got us there in the first place”

–Ron Paul after the Washington Caucuses