Reason #(insert large number) why I’m not a Republican

by pjamesbeardsley

As if there was any doubt, the Republican Party is, in fact, made up of at least 31% (+/- 3.6%) stupid people.  According to today’s Rasmussen polls, 88% of Republicans view Rick Santorum as a conservative, while only 57% view Ron Paul as conservative. 

That’s right, 31% of Republicans view a man who voted for No Child Left Behind, more expensive drugs for senior citizens not on medicare, has never once voted against a foreign aid package, teamed with Hillary Clinton to “get violence out of video games”,  endorsed Arlen Specter, and supported quanitative easing as being more conservative than a man who has voted against all of those things and against every unbalanced budget.

Apparently being “conservative” in the Republican context is supporting unconstitutional wars, forcing otherwise non-violent people to live their lives according to your values, and spending other people’s money almost as much as Democrats.  If that’s “conservative” or “conserving” Republican values, count me out.