I Like My Government Lazy

by pjamesbeardsley

I hear so often, mainly from the left, but not always, that they want the government, especially Congress and the President, to “do things.”  That they need to “work together” and “get things done.”  These people are seriously misguided.

It’s not that I wouldn’t like to make some changes.  Eliminate campaign finance laws.  Repeal Obamacare, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare. End the Fed, the EPA, and the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Education, HUD, Labor, Interior, HHS.  Gut the military-industrial complex.  Amend the Constitution to eliminate the post office and forbid the government from engaging in the money supply business.  Repeal anti-trust legislation.  Repeal the 16th Amendment.  I could go on; I won’t.

That isn’t so much the government “doing things” as undoing really dumb things it has done in the past. Dumb things.  Stump stupid.  Do you hear me?  If you like those things, I think you’re either a stupid person or morally reprehensible.  Fix yourself.

Here’s a short, non exhaustive, list of what happens when the government does things:

–The currency is inflated
–Wealth is taken and redistributed to special interests
–The returns on productivity are further diminished
–The ability of charities and other NPOs to operate is severely damaged
–Markets are distorted, creating uncertainty and instability, diminishing return on investment
–Rights are trampled
–Poverty, single parenting, abortion, bad business practices, sexual promiscuity and other unfortunate things / moral failings are subsidized, decreasing the opportunity cost for them, making them more widespread.

In short, civility is damaged, and the ability of a peaceful society to exist is threatened.  Not all of these happen with every executive order, new regulation, or piece of legislation, but some happen so close to all of the time that it may as well be.

I’ll take a lazy, do-nothing, gridlocked government over one that “works together to get things done” any day.  Unless “getting things done” means undoing past instances of “getting things done.”  It’s no small wonder that the most successful, effective pieces of legislation in the last 20 years are Welfare Reform and the Bush and Clinton capital gains tax cuts.

Stop telling the government to do things.  You just may get what you wish for.